Simple. Trustworthy. Secure.

As more of your services from the UK Government move online, you want to be confident that you are protected against identity theft and fraud. But being secure should also be simple and convenient. Verizon can help. You may not have heard of Verizon, but chances are you are already using our services. Did you know:

  • A significant portion of the world's Internet traffic already passes through Verizon's protected networks
  • We provide online security to some of the UK's largest companies
  • Verizon has customers in 150 countries and manages identity programs for 25 governments. Millions of people across the globe trust their security and personal data to Verizon every day, so you can be confident that we know how to protect you to the highest standards.
Verizon makes it extremely simple for you to sign up and get connected to GOV.UK services using a password and a second means of protection such as your phone or computer. This enables you to prove that you are who you say you are, dramatically reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud. Start activating your account now and we'll walk you through the 3 easy steps:
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and create a profile
  2. Create an easy to remember password
  3. Choose a second form of protection, such as your mobile phone, computer, tablet or even your home phone.
Once you are enrolled it's convenient to access GOV.UK anytime, from virtually anywhere.